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Gourmet Baked Goods to Satisfy Every Sweet Tooth

Layal’s Gourmet Sweets is a family-owned business, which was founded in Dearborn, MI out of the home of founder Issam “Sami” Eid. Sami’s wife Hanadi started making baked goods in 2005, and they were so good, the couple decided to turn it into a business, selling to local stores.

The little business got big pretty quickly, and soon the Eids had to move production to a larger building. Layal’s Gourmet Sweets is named after the Eids’ only daughter, Layal.

Currently at this time, Layal’s Gourmet Sweets can be found in over 100 stores in Michigan, and several other locations in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, New Jersey, and Florida. All of Layal’s baked goods are produced using organic and natural ingredients, with no preservatives.

Layal’s is a true family enterprise, with Hanadi creating the pastries, Sami managing the business, and their son, Hassan, in charge of marketing and maintaining the company’s website.

Middle Eastern Gourmet Baked Goods

All of our baked goods have a strong dose of culture behind them. Our main product is the rugelach (also known as tamriya), a Jewish sweet with our own Lebanese twist. We also offer the “triscotti,” our version of the biscotti, which is baked three times instead of the usual twice for a true gourmet experience. In addition, we sell coconut macaroons, a sweet pastry with the perfect fluffy texture – great to bite into.

We aim to satisfy every sweet tooth across the nation, and that is why our goal is to expand our reach from coast to coast. All orders are made fresh on the day of shipping, and we offer free shipping on orders over $40.

It is this emphasis on quality and superior customer service that is responsible for our success as a gourmet baked goods supplier. We invite you to visit our online store, where you will find all of our mouthwatering products. Now you can enjoy the authentic taste of Layal’s Gourmet Sweets, no matter where you are located in the U.S.!

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